Member Testimonials

I am constantly touched by how open, generous, and welcoming the members of this group are. Since the beginning many of our members have invited "The Gang" into their homes, hosted dinners and parties, and even acted as chauffeurs for both large gatherings and small.... Laura designing and providing running jackets, Venkat's book gift to each participant, Louise's providing our new HEART banner, Tom's wine every year, and even the anonymous donation of Gary's Cheese Puffs... The list goes on and on. Everyone gives so much of themselves both on the forum and in person.

- DT

Finding like-minded and similarly afflicted who are in their own way pursuing the same goal is crucial to a long term recovery. Doubt is a killer of dreams and goals. It is removed in a community such as this.
- Marc Thayer

I was very grateful for all of the support and encouragement I received during months of training. However, I was overwhelmed when GaryE and Tutt traveled hundreds of miles to cheer me on at the Lake Placid Ironman. They were on the course before dawn until almost midnight, throughout a long day that included cold, rain, wind and heat, so that they could support me and congratulate me when I crossed the finish line. I will always remember their extraordinary kindness.
- Bill

So grateful for Marc's visit at the GR Bridge run, since then my fears of running have greatly subsided. This type of support that I’ve received from Marc and from others on this forum has meant more to me than anyone can possibly ever know because it has given me back a sense of well-being. We’ve all “been there” which I think allows us to benefit from a very strong and special bond that is shared among us all.
- Rachel Bishop

Kevin C gave up his chance at a good finish time on a perfectly flat and fast course running with me the entire time in order to help me get through the race in Syracuse after I had pulled a muscle at mile 3. That meant a lot to me.
- DT