Support For Heart Patients, By Heart Patients

The Heart Education and Rehabilitation Team (HEART) is a support group comprised of heart patients who are committed to promoting and leading full, active lives despite underlying heart conditions. We embrace a positive philosophy, emphasizing:

  • Exercise as a foundation for physical and emotional wellness
  • Goals and achievement vs. “hoping” and “coping”
  • Encouragement vs. sympathy
  • Possibilities and opportunities vs. limitations
  • Education, self-advocacy and self-responsibility
  • Leadership by example

HEART members represent a wide variety of cardiac conditions, ages, capabilities and recreational interests. We interact using a combination of Internet-based social networking applications and periodic group events, helping each other succeed in:

  • Ongoing self-education and disease state awareness
  • Treatment compliance
  • Maintenance of good exercise habits
  • Maintenance of a healthy diet

Our community-based approach and use of social networking technology allows members to seek and provide assistance according to need and ability, without the challenges and delays associated with scheduled meetings. Buddy systems and mentoring relationships are formed organically and effortlessly to support a broad set of purposes, which can range from transition to plant-based diets, managing the side effects of prescription drugs, navigating the health care or insurance industry, or training for a running event.